•  1 Ironmaster Canadian Ale kit: 1.8Kg hopped malt extract
•  1.5kg Munton’s light malt extract
•  0.45kg 2-row pale malt
•  3.75L Canadian dark-amber maple syrup
•  4g Irish moss
•  Water for mashing, boil, fermenting, and boiling
•  1 pkg Wyeast # 1056
•  100g Corn sugar


Day 1 - Start the yeast per instructions on the package 
Day 2 - Mash pale malt in 1L of water at 50°C for 20 minutes, 65°C for 30 minutes, and 70°C for 10 minutes. Sparge with 500ml water at 77°C. Set the collected sweet wort aside.
Boil 3.75L of water in brewpot. Add maple syrup, sweet wort, and malt extracts. Total volume is just over 11L.
Bring wort to boil.
At protein break completion check time, and 15 minutes later, add Irish Moss.
30 minutes later, remove from heat and skim froth from top.
Cover brewpot and let wort stand and cool for an hour.
Pour wort into primary fermenter carefully, leaving sediment at bottom of brewpot.
Fill primary fermenter with water to make 19L. (OG about 1.084) Seal it and let stand until at room temperature.
Pitch yeast & add fermentation lock.
Ferment until active outgassing ceases. (~7 days)
Rack to secondary fermenter & add fermentation lock
Complete fermentation until clear (~2 weeks) FG should be about 1.021 (est. 8.2% ABV)
Rack to bottling container, add corn sugar dissolved in 250ml of boiling water, cooled to room temperature.
Bottle and age for ~4 weeks.