Full Moon Magical Mead
Moon Phases


10 lb. Clover Honey

4 lb. Orange Blossom Honey

enough Water, to make 5 gallons total volume

1 oz. Dried Ginger Root (Fire; for power and passion)

0.5 oz. Dried Sage (Air; for longevity and wisdom)

1 tsp. Irish Moss (Water; for luck)

5 tsp. Yeast Nutrient (Earth: food-grade urea and ammonium phosphate; for stability)

1 pkg. Dry Mead Yeast, e.g., Vinterís Choice # 3632


Begin preparation under the light of a full moon.

Start yeast per instructions on package. Wait until yeast is ready - probably in 24 hours.

Shred spices (with a mezzaluna, of course) and put in a cheesecloth bag.

In a 4 gallon stockpot, bring 1.5 gallons of water to a boil. Turn off heat and put in spice bag. Let steep for 15 minutes. Remove and discard bag.

Add honey to water. Stir to dissolve. Cover and turn-on heat. Add Irish Moss when almost boiling. Bring to boil (watch for boil-over!), turn off heat when foaming stops and a rolling boil, skim dross, cover and let cool.

When 80 degrees or so, put in primary fermenter, add water to make 5 gallons, add yeast nutrient, pitch yeast, aerate vigorously, close and lock.

OG = 1.094

When vigorous fermentation stops (two weeks), transfer to secondary & lock.

G = 1.000 (12.3% ABV)

Store in a cool dark place. Check periodically and transfer to another carboy if required to clear. Total time in secondary is 6 months.

G = 0.996 (12.9% ABV)

Bottle in wine bottles & cork.

Age in bottle at least 6 months.

This mead is quite dry, sage is prominent. Goes well with oriental food, fish, pork.